Assessing and Managing Risk in Psychological Practice: An Individualized Approach

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  1. All practitioners should realize that they:

  2. In the risk management formula (Clinical Risk= P * C * D / TF), the “P” refers to:

  3. The risk management formula is a:

  4. Which of the following does NOT belong in the category of high risk patients?

  5. The characteristics of passionately committed psychologists include all except that they:

  6. The phrase “Personal Skill Inventory” refers to the:

  7. Research shows that the likelihood of malpractice suits against physicians is correlated with:

  8. According to ASPPB data, the most common reason for being disciplined by a licensing board is:

  9. As agencies of the state, licensing boards must afford psychologists the same due process rights that criminals are guaranteed under the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution.

  10. Recent data show that there has been an increased risk of disciplinary actions from ________ and a decreased risk of disciplinary actions from ____________ and ________________.

  11. Which is NOT true of Ethics Committees?

  12. Each of the following is one of the 4 “D’s” of Malpractice EXCEPT:

  13. The statute of limitations for malpractice suits:

  14. According to the APA Ethics Code, the term “reasonable” means the prevailing professional judgment of psychologists engaged in similar activities in similar contexts.

  15. You can identify a false risk management principle if it:

  16. The APA Ethics Code requires that you:

  17. The principles of informed consent suggest that:

  18. The research by Pomerantz and Grice suggests that patients may be more accepting of psychologists who:

  19. The 9th Grade Algebra Teacher standard is a good metaphor for record keeping because psychologists should:

  20. MOST CARE, PAINT, and BASIC ID are acronyms that identify:

  21. Dr. Brown was able to explain the term “informed consent,” demonstrating the _________ level of Bloom’s taxonomy of informed consent.

  22. Dr. Black was able to document a treatment session, adequately demonstrating the _________ level of Bloom’s taxonomy of documentation.

  23. Dr. Grey was able to explain why she sought a consultation, evaluate its value, and defend how she used it, demonstrating the _________ level of Bloom’s taxonomy of consultation.

  24. Dr. Black advertises that he is a specialist in five different areas of practice. According to the authors, this is:

  25. Ronnestad and Orlinsky found that demoralization, defensiveness, and therapeutically destructive strategies were characteristics of:

  26. According to Knapp and Keller, the source of information that does the most to develop the skills of psychologists is:

  27. The ways to ensure redundant systems of protection include:

  28. All psychologists should know basic information about psychopharmacology because they need to:

  29. Prescribing psychologists who treat patients with serious mental illnesses need to be aware of these treatment issues EXCEPT:

  30. An intern under supervision was able to give a case presentation on a patient she is treating that integrated the components of treatment, their relationship to the presenting problems of the patient, and how the treatment was appropriate for the patient in light of the totality of the patient’s needs and life circumstances. This demonstrates the _____________level of Bloom’s taxonomy of competence.

  31. The APA Ethics Code states that multiple relationships are inherently unethical.

  32. Vulnerable psychologists who have sex with patients may:

  33. The private act of sexual misconduct has public implications because it:

  34. The frequency of sexual contact between psychologists and patients appears to be decreasing in recent years because of:

  35. Which of the following is TRUE about collateral contacts?

  36. When treating high conflict families, the:

  37. To avoid allegations of misconduct when conducting custody evaluations, psychologists should:

  38. When a child or parent makes an allegation of child abuse in the context of a child custody evaluation, the psychologist should:

  39. Psychologists find that attorneys:

  40. According to the authors, confidentiality is a:

  41. Business associate agreements should be signed by:

  42. Which of the following is true about privileged communication laws?

  43. The HIPAA Privacy Rule applies to all:

  44. According to the APA Ethics Code, the term “test data” refers to:

  45. Concerning the release of copyrighted test materials, the authors claim that:

  46. According to the HIPAA Security Rule, the addressable specifications:

  47. According to the authors, the role of the judge in a trial is to:

  48. Expert witnesses may draw conclusions related to the issues before the court.

  49. When forensic psychologists work with attorneys, it is important that they do all of the following EXCEPT:

  50. Consumer focused assessments could increase the legal risks to psychologists if they involved:

  51. When testing for external consequences, the authors recommend that psychologists:

  52. The prediction of violence has been compared to weather prediction because:

  53. According to ADA, during pre-employment testing or interviewing:

  54. Which of the following is true about patient suicides?

  55. Kessler et al. found that the diagnosis most associated with suicide is major depression.

  56. Coryell and Young found that the single best predictor of a suicide attempt was:

  57. A redundant protection for suicide could include:

  58. According to the authors, safety agreements or contracts are more effective if they:

  59. Safety agreements are a good risk management procedure because courts tend to give high deference to the presence of a safety agreement, regardless of how it fits into the overall treatment of the patient.

  60. All states have adopted the Tarasoff decision either through statutes or case law.

  61. A verbal threat of harm to an identifiable third party always triggers the duty to warn or protect.

  62. Which of the following is TRUE about domestic abuse?

  63. The risk of a complaint increases substantially when a psychologist files an action against a patient with a collection agency.

  64. Psychologists may terminate treatment against the wishes of patients if the patients:

  65. Which of the following is TRUE about bartering?

  66. Concerning loosely organized group practices, the authors believe that:

  67. Professional risks could occur to retired psychologists who:

  68. A psychologist working for an agency had a complaint of misconduct filed against him because of activities that occurred in his part-time private practice. This psychologist may assume that the agency’s professional liability insurer will:

  69. For a claim to be covered under an occurrence policy, the alleged misconduct will be covered if the acts (or failure to act) occurred during the policy period, regardless of when the claim was actually filed.

  70. Often a professional liability insurer may refuse to defend a psychologist accused of misconduct if: