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Risk Management Topics

To Integrate – or How? A Decision Model for Practices

Authored by Charles Cooper, Ph.D., this document is currently cited in The Trust's Ethics and Risk Management Workshops. It offers rationales, integration models, and examples of proactive strategies for effectively adapting to The Affordable Care Act at various career stages.

Choosing Encryption Software

The Trust Risk Management Team

Issues with Reimbursement Under Medicare

What you should know about self-pay services and reimbursement under Medicare.

Reimbursement, Fee Adjustments and Sliding Fee Scales

Risk management issues to consider and advice for practitioners.

Use of Interpreters When Treating the Deaf Client

What is considered reasonable accommodation for the disabled in a therapeutic setting?

Coaching: A New Frontier

Questions, answers and other considerations for psychologists.

Minimizing Vicarious Liability Exposure

For loosely organized groups and certain MSO arrangements.

Understanding Licensing Board Disciplinary Procedures

Created to demystify the disciplinary process by describing the steps of the process, to help psychologists understand their legal rights, and to identify the points at which psychologists may have options.