Telehealth Community Chat #3

This on-demand webinar addresses themes such as navigating client technology preferences, electronic medical records, assessment via telehealth, and return to in-person care. The hosts answer live questions on diverse themes at the end of the webinar, including strategies for technology fails/interruptions, research about group work via telehealth, host versus participant of telehealth videoconferencing.


Objectives - Chat #3:

    1. Participants will be able to identify two national organizations that provide helpful information to psychologists during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    2. Participants will be able to identify three considerations when selecting an electronic medical record.
    3. Participants will be able to identify three potential adaptations for assessment via telehealth.


CE Discount on Your Trust Liability Insurance

You'll earn 1 hour of CE from this on-demand webinar. It can be combined with other CE credit hours for a total of at least 6 CE hours to become eligible for a 10%-15% discount on your Trust Sponsored Professional Liability insurance premium. Combine 4 or more CE credit hours from these webinars and become eligible for a 5% savings. Go here for details on the available discounts.

To claim your CE discount, simply download your certificate(s) after you have taken and successfully passed the exam with a score of 75% or higher. You will need to submit your certificate(s) during your next renewal period.


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