Risk Management and Ethical Considerations in Supervision

Clinical supervision is critical to the development of professionals’ competencies, and to the continuation of the profession. Like all professional activities, however, it comes with some risks and challenges. This webinar will focus on core aspects of these risks—both legal and ethical. A two-level consent model of managing these concerns will be articulated.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify three areas of legal and ethical risk in providing clinical supervision to unlicensed interns and postdoctoral fellows;
  2. Apply two main methods for minimizing such risks;
  3. Demonstrate three essential components in the first level of informed consent between interns/fellows and patients;
  4. Describe four components of second level informed consent between supervisors and/or their agencies, and interns/fellows.

Download the slides here.

[Note] - the public version below is for reference only and does not qualify for CE.