Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality (CAMS)


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Dr. David Jobes developed the CAMS Framework as both an assessment and suicide-focused treatment for suicidal people. The CAMS method can be adapted to various cultures, age groups, medical and clinical settings, and can accommodate a range of theoretical orientations and therapeutic techniques.

Supported by five published randomized controlled trials and over 30 years of research, CAMS is one of only a handful of evidence based suicide focused treatment referenced by the Joint Commission and included in both the Zero Suicide and CDC Suicide Prevention Toolkits.

Despite the magnitude of the suicide crisis in our country, very few psychologists are trained in suicide prevention and treatment. The latest statistics from the CDC show that over 12 million adults in America have serious suicidal ideation. CAMS is proven to be the most effective treatment for this population. CAMS is easy to learn, affordable and cost effective for health systems. Clinicians and patients like using CAMS, clinicians feel more confident using CAMS and the Suicide Status Form provides solid documentation of each case.

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