About TrustPARMA

TrustPARMA – The Trust

Who We Are

The Trust Practice and Risk Management Association (TrustPARMA) is a national non-profit membership organization, established by The Trust to support psychology, mental health, and allied health professions by promoting education, risk management, and practice management.

Our Mission

To help TrustPARMA members reduce their risk and enhance their practice services.

Our Goals

  • To foster risk management education by providing practical content, collaborating with education-focused organizations, and tapping the expertise and experience of thought leaders.
  • To provide a home for the Association’s expanding portfolio of ethics, risk management, and practice management resources.

Objectives Include

  • Providing resources, information, and programs for the betterment of psychologists and other healthcare professionals.
  • Researching, reviewing, and making available information on innovative models of service delivery.
  • Developing and providing “business of practice” strategies and resources to support psychologists and other healthcare professionals.
  • Providing ethics, risk management, and practice management continuing education and activities.


Membership is simple: When you purchase or renew a professional liability or other group insurance products through The Trust or Trust Risk Management Services (TRMS), you automatically become a member of TrustPARMA.

There are no membership dues or complicated membership requirements. As long as you renew your insurance policy – or policies – you will continue to be a member and enjoy membership benefits.