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Risk Management

TrustPARMA offers a variety of resources to aid psychologists in their practice and career including sample contracts, informative articles regarding good risk management practice, and other professional support.

  • COVID-19 Resources – In addition to the resources The Trust will post, we've also compiled a list of links to our partner's pages that we hope you will find beneficial.
  • Student & Early Career Resources – A compiled list of helpful resources that student and early career psychologists will find beneficial as you navigate school and begin your career.
  • Telepsychology Resources – We've compiled a quick reference list of on-demand telepsychology webinars that you can view at your own pace and in the comfort of your own space.
  • Document Library – Download free documents, including sample contracts and informed consent forms, designed for psychologists in practice.
  • Video Archive – Watch and learn about important insurance and risk management topics and best practices with our expansive online collection.
  • Blog – Our blog features information and tips related to psychology, insurance and everyday living.
  • Articles – Find insightful articles that cover hot topics, current news and research in the field of psychology.
  • Glossary of Terms – Online glossary of insurance terms and phrases with definitions to help you choose the best insurance coverage.
  • The Trust Advisor Newsletter – A fresh new resource for mental health professionals!
  • Partner Webinar Archives – The Trust collaborates with our various partners throughout the year to provide informative content to our policyholders. These archived webinars are free to access.