Risk Management: FAQ


Your membership in The Trust Practice and Risk Management Association (TrustPARMA) includes access to the Advocate 800 Program, which helps psychologists insured through The Trust Professional Liability insurance program to avoid or reduce the risk of malpractice actions and disciplinary complaints. This service gives TrustPARMA members in the practice of psychology specific access to free, confidential, professional ethical and risk management consultations with licensed psychologists possessing extensive legal, ethical, and risk management expertise.

Our Advocates field and answer questions covering a broad range of topics. Some of the most frequent questions will be addressed here as an ongoing benefit to TrustPARMA members in the professional practice of psychology.

Risk Management: Social Media

Social media can play a role in the way psychologists market to and communicate with potential and current clients, but social media comes with risks. Questions involving maintenance of one’s online presence, friending clients, and Googling or being Googled by clients are addressed.

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Risk Management: Animals and Therapy

What is the difference between a service animal, therapy animal, and an emotional assistance animal? Which ones are covered by the ADA? What should you do if a client requests an emotional assistance animal certification? 

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Risk Management: Record Keeping

A guide to creating, correcting, securing, and storing your client records.

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Risk Management: Client Termination

Questions involving turning away a client after the initial screening is conducted where a referral is needed, and ending clinical relationships with clients are addressed.

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Plans

What is the difference between Continuing Education (CE) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)? How do you create a CPD plan?

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