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If I can’t work, who will pay the bills?

When you aren't able to work due to a serious illness or injury, who will pay the mortgage, taxes, car loans, college tuition, and other expenses? 

Income Protection insurance through The Trust is the simple, affordable answer. Plans include a "Your Own Occupation" definition of disability, monthly benefits up to $10,000, a Guaranteed Insurability Option which allows the purchase of additional coverage without medical evidence of insurability, and Benefit Booster which increases disability payments eroded by inflation.

This innovative coverage is designed for psychologists by psychologists. You'll save hundreds of dollars by buying your insurance through The Trust at low group rates. Trust Income Protection (Disability) insurance should be a key element in your overall financial security program.

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Choose the Plan That Fits Your Needs

LifeStyle-5 Plan

Provides disability benefits for a period of up to five years or age 62, whichever comes first, for disabilities beginning before age 60.

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LifeStyle-65 Plan

Provides disability benefits that can span your entire working career. For disabilities which begin prior to age 60, benefits are paid until age 65.

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LifeStyle-65 Plus Plan

Offers you the opportunity to replace as much as 67% of your taxable income rather than a 60% replacement. The higher replacement ratio provides funds that will allow a continuation of contributions to your retirement/savings plan.

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Economizer-65 Plan

Maximizes your insurance premium dollar by providing a cost contained plan of disability income insurance. The duration of disability benefits is the same as for LifeStyle-65 Plans.

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