Research and Academic Liability

What does the Research and Academic Liability policy cover?

The Research and Academician policy is designed to protect psychologists in college and university settings. The policy covers all aspects of a psychologist's academic work including teaching, research, test design, disputed grades, committee work, consultation, and decisions regarding fellow faculty and staff. The policy even protects you if you sit on the state licensing board.

What does the "expanded protection for part-time clinical duties" cover?

The Trust offers an endorsement that expands the policy to protect you for professional psychological services that are required by the University to fulfill your academic, teaching, or supervisory responsibilities or duties. 

The Research and Academician policy, even with the expanded clinical duties endorsement, does not cover direct clinical services. If you are providing direct services to clients such as treating students in a university counseling center, you should consider the Professional Liability policy.

How much does the Researcher and Academician policy cost?

Per Incident/
Annual Aggregate
$100,000/ $300,000 $200,000/ $600,000 $1,000,000/ $1,000,000 $1,000,000/ $3,000,000
Research and Academic Policy $70 $80 $103 $134
With Expanded Clinical Duties $140 $160 $206 $268

What period does the Researcher and Academician policy cover?

The policy covers you when the activity is part of your duty as an employee or contractor for the academic institution.

Do I need to be an employee of the University?

No. You just need to be formally affiliated with the institution. You can be an independent contractor or volunteer.

Does my university's policy cover me?

That can be a difficult question with many answers. Generally speaking, an employer is responsible for the employee and should protect the employee in the event that they are sued for their actions as an employee. However there are situations where the employer does not cover the psychologist. The employer's coverage may not be solvent or the suit may go beyond the employer's coverage limits. The employer may argue that the employee was acting outside the scope of employment or against the interest of the employer and decide not to cover the employee. For these reasons many psychologists working for large institutions such as universities, prisons, and hospitals purchase their own individual policy as backup coverage. The Trust policy would cover the psychologist where the employer leaves off. The Trust policy may also cover the psychologist when the employer's policy does not (in situations such as private practice, volunteer work, or licensing board investigations).

Does the Professional Liability policy cover everything the Research and Academic policy covers?

Yes. The Trust Professional Liability olicy covers you for everything the Research and Academician policy covers. The advantage of the professional policy is that it does not limit coverage for clinical services or services independent of the academic institution.

When do you need the Professional Liability policy?

You should consider getting the Professional Liability policy if you are providing any direct clinical services or are moonlighting or consulting independent of your academic institution.

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