About The Trust

Who is The Trust?

The Trust, established in 1962, is an independent trust offering insurance, financial security, and risk management programs for psychologists and related individuals nationwide. The Trust program is continually monitored by the Trustees – psychologists experienced in both practice and insurance needs and independent insurance experts – to ensure that coverage is broad and meets the ever changing environment in the discipline and profession of psychology.

What is the advantage of purchasing insurance through The Trust?

When you purchase insurance from a Trust sponsored or endorsed company, you get more than just an insurance policy. You get the resources of The Trust. Not only is The Trust the largest insurer of psychologists, but is actually made up of psychologists. You are backed by a board of nine psychologists and two insurance experts, all making sure you have the most complete coverage available.

Who is Trust Risk Management Services, Inc. (TRMS)?

TRMS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Trust. It is incorporated in the District of Columbia, and it began operations on June 18, 2001. It was formed to underwrite and administer the Trust Sponsored Professional Liability Insurance Program.

Who is ACE American Insurance Company (ACE)?

ACE is the company that defends and indemnifies you if you are sued. The Trust selected ACE because of their knowledge and experience with professional liability coverage and their desire to help improve the Trust Sponsored Professional Liability Insurance Program. ACE American Insurance Company is rated "A+" by A.M. Best Company.

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