We Hold These Truths - Part 7

This is a continuation of an earlier webinar, “Intersectional Perspectives on the Pandemic, Cultural Fissures and Calls for Change” which was Part 1 of our original We Hold These Truths series. At the intersection of various societal inequities including systemic racism, sexism, heterosexism, poverty, healthcare and policing inequities, etc., are complex traumatic responses that increase the likelihood of negative physical and mental health outcomes.

This webinar will discuss how traumatic experiences combine with societal inequities to set the stage for social and health disparities in communities of color and other marginalized communities. Psychologists, social workers, and other mental healthcare professionals are strongly encouraged to learn techniques to address these types of traumatic experiences when helping clients from marginalized communities heal. These should include strategies that support societal change and social justice.


  1. Describe intersectional complex trauma (ICT).
  2. Explain the impact of social inequality and societal inequities that are correlated to the development of ICT.
  3. Explain the relationship between ICT and social and health disparities.
  4. Describe at least 2 interventions that are trauma-informed, build resilience and address the reduction of social and health disparities.
  5. Discern bio-psycho-social & environmental stressors for BIPOC communities.
  6. Establish strategies for community engagement to help address health inequities.


Continuing Education - We Hold These Truths - Part 7

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