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Welcome to The Trust’s Podcasts for Practitioners, where psychologists come to expand their knowledge on a wide range of topics from risk management and practice-related concerns, to insurance and the importance of having coverage.

Why listen to a podcast? Think of it as an on-demand radio that you can choose what you listen to, when you want to listen to it through your phone, tablet, car Bluetooth or computer. Podcasts give you the opportunity to learn while doing everyday tasks like driving to work, fixing dinner or doing chores. There are only so many hours in a day, and The Trust’s Practice Podcasts will help you make the most out of every minute. Enjoy and thank you for listening!

Vicarious Trauma (Part 1)

Jana Martin, Ph.D. and Lidia Michel, Psy.D.
32 minutes

Vicarious Trauma (Part 2)

Jana Martin, Ph.D. and Lidia Michel, Psy.D.
18 minutes

Clinical Podcast

Jana N. Martin, Ph.D.
26 minutes

Complying with Subpoenas and Court Orders While Minimizing Your Risk

Amanda D. Zelechoski, J.D., Ph.D., ABPP
54 minutes

Psychology of Money

William “Marty” Martin, MA, MS, Psy.D., CHES
2 hours, 2 minutes

Record Keeping and Risk Managment

Eric A. Harris, Ed.D., J.D.
57 minutes

Role Conflicts and Emotional Support Animal Certifications

Jeffrey N. Younggren, Ph.D., ABPP
56 minutes