Helen H. Hsu, Psy.D.

Helen Hsu, Psy.D.

Helen H. Hsu, PsyD, is Lead Clinician for outreach services, liaison to the Asian American Activities Center, and lecturer at Stanford University. She is a past president of the Asian American Psychological Association and an advisory board member of the JED Foundation. Dr. Hsu is a consultant and presenter nationwide on topics addressing youth and young adult mental health and culturally responsive interventions.

Dr. Hsu has been a director of clinical training supervising psychology and counseling students since 2003. Prior to shifting into college counseling, Dr. Hsu was a clinical supervisor of clinical services in K-12 public schools and community mental health, specializing in bi-lingual and bi-cultural families.

Dr. Hsu is Chair of the American Psychological Association (APA) Minority Fellowship Program Training Advisory Committee and completed a term on the APA Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Expression.

Her current work includes college mental health outreach and counseling, improving access to culturally responsive psychological care for diverse communities, mentorship of future leaders in multi-cultural mental health, and grief support.