North Dakota Psychological Association

Established in 1954 by a group of forward-thinking psychologists, the North Dakota Psychological Association (NDPA) has become a dynamic force for change through direct advocacy, grassroots mobilization, and coalition strategies. NDPA has been the leadership behind self-certification, state licensure, third party payments, freedom of choice, and direct access to services for Medicaid recipients. NDPA’s mission is to foster awareness of mental health and psychological issues among consumers, the general public, health care providers, and government agencies.

The Trust is proud to recognize the NDPA as a valued participant in our State Endorsement Program. Providing support to state associations and their members is important to us at The Trust.

Through this partnership, NDPA benefits from funding provided by The Trust for continuing education, while members get access to a library of on-demand webinars, state-sponsored workshops, and a variety of insurance programs.

Earn CE & Save Up To 15%!

Members can also show their support for NDPA - and earn a 15% discount on their Trust Professional Liability policy for two policy renewals - when they purchase one of the following Ethics and Risk Management Webinars. Be sure to select “North Dakota” as your Trust-endorsed state.

NDPA Details

Acting Executive Director:
Kristin Bennett

1308 23rd Street South
Fargo, ND 58103
Phone: (701) 936-9627

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