Risk Management for Teleneuropsychology

In a period of unprecedented restriction of access to neuropsychological care during the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an understandable focus on the logistics of and tools for conducting teleneuropsychology. This webinar assists practitioners in broadening their focus to include navigating the risk management and ethical issues specific to the practice of teleneuropsychology.

Learning Objectives

  1. Assess the progress and limitations of the current state of teleneuropsychology and analyze the reliability and validity of neuropsychological tests delivered via telehealth.
  2. Demonstrate a framework for considering the incremental validity of adding a test in the context of the broader construct of teleneuropsychological assessments.
  3. Apply strategies to engage in meaningful, clear consent conversations in the context of limitations of teleneuropsychological assessment.
  4. Recognize types of assessments that present particular risks when administered in a telehealth setting.

Download the slides here.

[Note] - the public version below is for reference only and does not qualify for CE.